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Missouri Judicial Performance Review findings available to the public at

Missouri Judicial Performance Review findings available to the public at Citizens urged to learn more about their judges before they vote Nov. 6 JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Judicial Performance Review Committee has provided Missouri voters with their performance findings for 59 nonpartisan judges who will be up for retention in the Nov.

Commission announces nominees to fill Teitelman vacancy on Supreme Court of Missouri

Lisa White Hardwick, Benjamin A. Lipman and W. Brent Powell

Patricia Breckenridge, chief justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri and chair of the Appellate Judicial Commission, announced yesterday that a commission has submitted to Governor Eric Greitens its panel of nominees to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court of Missouri. This vacancy exists due to the November 2016 death of Judge Richard B.

The Missouri Plan celebrates 76 years of attracting high-quality judges in the least political way

Missouri’s Non-Partisan Court Plan, commonly known as The Missouri Plan, turns 76 years old Nov. 5. In the more than three-quarters of a century since its creation, the plan has served as a model for other states and has been adopted by Missouri voters to apply to trial court judges in additional Missouri circuits. Above

New format, structure bring Missouri’s judicial performance evaluation process in line with best practices

The Supreme Court of Missouri issued an order dated June 15 revising Rules 10.50 – 10.55 governing Missouri’s judicial performance evaluation (JPE) to bring the process more in line with best practices across the nation. The Court’s revisions to Rules 10.50 – 10.55 will improve the information available to voters about judges up for retention

It’s a Wonderful Life: Celebrating a World with the Missouri Plan

by Dale C. Doerhoff, Chair and State Coordinator, Missouri Judicial Performance Evaluation Committees In the holiday classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey has a vision of what the world would be like if he had never been born. To his horror, Bailey sees that, without him, darkness and corruption take over. His idyllic hometown

Celebrating 75 Years of the Missouri Plan

Missourians Have Something Big to Celebrate This Nov. 5 Seventy-five years ago today, Missouri voters adopted Missouri’s Non-Partisan Court Plan, now known around the world as the Missouri Plan. The plan reduces the influence of politics and money in the selection of our judges, while giving the people the final say in retention elections. Since

Educational Exhibits Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Missouri Plan

The Missouri Bar has partnered with the Missouri Humanities Council to produce a traveling exhibit and courthouse exhibits to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Missouri Plan and to help educate Missourians about how all Missouri judges are accountable to the voters. The Missouri Plan, otherwise known as the Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan, was adopted

Editorial: Open Interviews Enhance Missouri Plan for Choosing Judges

This article was originally posted on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on May 20, 2011. Click here to read the article.  Steve Koslovsky recalled the lessons he learned in a foreign land as a high school student. Patricia Hageman talked about the pain of losing a father. Michael Burton explained that his wife’s community service helped guide

Missouri Plan for Selecting Judges Faces New Challenge

The following was posted on on November 27, 2010. Click here to read the full article. JEFFERSON CITY • John Johnston, president of the Missouri Bar, sees a simple message in November’s elections. The following was posted on on November 27, 2010. Click here to read the full article.