Circuit Courts Overview

There are 45 judicial circuits in Missouri. The state’s circuit courts have several divisions in which cases are managed by circuit judges, associate circuit judges, probate judges, municipal judges and a variety of commissioners.

In most counties, circuit judges are elected by popular vote, but in certain metropolitan counties, they are selected pursuant to the merit-based Non-Partisan Court Plan. The Non-Partisan Court Plan governs selection and retention of judges on the Supreme Court of Missouri, the Missouri Court of Appeals, and five of the county circuit courts (Clay, Jackson and Platte counties in the Kansas City area; both the county and city of St. Louis; and Greene County in the Springfield area).

Evaluations by Circuit is here to provide voters with accurate information about each of the judges up for retention this year and their performance evaluations from past years. Select the circuit where you live to learn more about the current judges up for retention in 2014 and the Judicial Performance Evaluation Committees’ recommendations for each.

Past Judges

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