Judicial Performance Evaluations

The Missouri Bar has been evaluating judges appointed under the Non-Partisan Court Plan and providing that information to voters since 1948. The Missouri Bar currently funds the evaluation process, which was created by a Supreme Court of Missouri rule in 2008. The Missouri system of evaluation was developed after the committee studied model rules and best practices from the American Bar Association and more than 20 judicial performance evaluation systems in the nation. On February 29, 2008, the Supreme Court of Missouri issued an order making several revisions to Rule 10. These changes established a mechanism and procedure for evaluation of judges seeking retention under the Non-Partisan Court Plan.

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  • […] The new Judicial Performance Review Committee is the result of a June 15 order by the Supreme Court of Missouri revising Rules 10.50 – 10.55. As a result of these revisions, the previous judicial performance evaluation (JPE) program has undergone a significant change in structure and operations in its conversion to a judicial performance review (JPR) mechanism. […]